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Chicken and Eggs
Possibilities using Chicken Necks and Backs
Feed, Antibiotics - You are what you eat!


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Chicken and Eggs

Chicken and Eggs... in some ways they are a basic food group in and of themselves! Very versatile and healthy at that! 
We offer products that we eat ourselves, health and vitality are important to us. Our hens roam the property and enjoy grasses, worms, and bugs.  I know I know, kinda gross but they LOVE IT! They are cared for with love.  Each morning they are greeted and each night they are "tucked in" safely and told goodnight! Not joking! :-)  We feed them good things, allow them to be chickens.

Possibilities using Chicken Necks and Backs

Ah.... nothing better on a cool evening than Chicken N Noodles! Actually there are a myriad of uses of neck and back pieces.
What I have done is cook a package in the crockpot all day. The next day I will heat it up a bit, just enough to liquefy the broth.  If I'm not going to cook anything specific with it I will put the broth in ice cube trays, freezing, then placed in to baggies for when broth is needed.  I will pick out the meat and freeze it in baggies. If you have enough you could can it.

Feed, Antibiotics - You are what you eat!

It's been a saying for a while now, even think there was a commercial to the effect of "you are what you eat".  That can surely be looked at in many ways, down the food chain I dare say. 
It just seems to be that when one gets chicks they grab the bag of feed the store promotes. This would be a "starter/grower" and most assuredly contain antibiotics.  It would state that it was a medicated feed, not giving much for details, and the ingredients list reads like a chemical concoction.


I would like to use this blog for sharing information, discussing related topics, questions, concerns, etc.  Looking forward to serving our customers and continuing to grow and improve our poultry ventures!
Thank you!
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